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  • MULTI-COMPATIBLE BIKE TRAILER COUPLER: It fits almost all bikes and all Schwinn and InStep brand trailers (such as all series AA, AB, AC AD, AE, AG, AH, AI)

  • PORTABLE DESIGN: There are vertical and horizontal holes on the trailer coupler, so whatever your bike trailer coupler holes is vertical or horizontal, it works for you perfectly

  • EASILY INSTALLATION: We enclosed the great instruction with detailed pictures and descriptions in the package for your installation reference

  • FAMILY FUN: With an additional trailer coupler attachment, both Mom and Dads bikes can be outfitted to tow the kids trailer, your kids will enjoy the bike ride. A bonus, when your kids gets tired from

  • PRECISE DESIGN: The diameter of the hole attach to your bike is 1/2 & the outer diameter of the part that attaches to the axle is 1.The diameter of the hole attach to your trailers is 1

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Bike Bicycle Trailer Coupler Attachment
If you are a new parent and enjoy riding bikes, you are probably researching ways to take your child
with you on your rides.

A bike trailer coupler is an ideal way to do that. This is the part that you can connect your Schwinn
or InStep trailer to your bike. It is called a coupler, it acts like a trailer hitch for your bicycle.

With Titanker bike trailer attachment, the bike trailers are easy to attach to your bike while allowing
you to transport your little children in safety and comfort.

How to know your trailer code?
The determine the date of manufacture of the trailer, look for a date code on the trailers tow bar. It is usually on a sticker.
Such as TN0616AG, then your bike trailer code is AG.
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