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  • Creates a 2 trail hitch receiver compatible for carrying one hitch mount rack

  • Fits: 4- 4.5 Continuously welded steel bumpers

  • Easy installation

  • Solid steel construction

  • 4 bolts included

    Model: 64025

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This adapter attaches to an RV bumper to provide a 2 receiver opening that works with hitch mounted bike racks. The Bumper Adaptor can me mounted on DOT rated, continuously welded steel bumpers on travel trailers, 5th wheels and motorhomes to create a hitch receiver for bike racks. It is NOT to be used for towing or carrying anything other than bike racks. If you cannot identify your bumper is appropriate, please contact your manufacturer or local RV dealer for clarification. Over 200,000 units in the marketplace with ZERO failures, this bumper adaptor is built to unparalleled specifications. Grade 10.9 bolts and high strength steel are tested during each production to ensure maximum quality and durability. When utilzed with threaded hitch pins (locking or regular) and the anti-wobble scet screw, it provides a secure way to carry your bikes. If required due to space constraints, it can be mounted upside down, without any reduction in performance. It is coated with a formulated powder coat finish to resist corrosion and is covered under a limited lifetime warranty.
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